#REC – Shared Narratives brings together a series of articles, video and written interviews on several issues of societal transformation. The articles deal with climate change, communes, municipalism, care, rural development and citizen security, seeking to cross-reference approaches and giving a voice to different types of actors involved, whether as activists, citizens, elected officials, politicians or researchers.

More than a collection of points of view and analyses, and without claiming to be exhaustive, #REC tackles a new theme each month by proposing to the authors and interviewees to start from their own experiences in order to extract the individual and collective lessons they have learned from them.

#REC wishes to shed light on the subject by proposing contributions and multiple perspectives and by highlighting the complementary nature of academic and empirical knowledge.

The stories presented are drawn from experiences and authors from Europe, Latin America and North America.

Discover our 1st #REC about Covid-19, Security and Municipalism.