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Municipalist Climate Activist’s Guide

The Climate Activist’s Municipalist Guide (ES, PDF) produced by  Ecologistas en acción  aims to provide local groups and movements with practical keys to act on the climate emergency at the municipal level.   The guide is divided into two parts: Part 2: First steps to drive change in municipalities and neighbourhoods, focuses on the implementation…

EMN map

Collaborative mapping of the European municipalist ecosystem

Realised by the European Municipalist Network – EMN and thanks to the open programme gogocarto, the map is an impressive tool to identify commonalities and generate collaborations between organisations that recognise themselves in municipalism at the European level. This project aims to map the current state of the European municipal movement by identifying established and…

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Feministisation of Politics : the Podcast !

Building on the audio resources of the online course on Feminising Politics, the FOP Collective of the European Municipalist network has put online its podcast, an agile way to delve deeper into issues of Care, Resources and Power. The feministisation of Politics Podcast

Covid-19 and municipalism: new solutions for a citizen security?

The manner in which the pandemic spread, and the response of governments to this cataclysm, have highlighted both the deficiencies of the systems in place, but also the possibilities that emerge from the various responses and initiatives undertaken by both sides.   by Arnaud Blin, historian and political scientist specialized in conflicts history.   The…


How have municipal cities responded to the pandemic? Are institutional responses more effective than spontaneous and supportive responses by grassroots organisations? How do municipalist initiatives ensure the safety of inhabitants?   Federico Alagna is a researcher and activist currently based in Italy. His research focuses on migration policies in Europe, and he is active in…

[INTERVIEW] Drawing on Experiences of Peace in War Zones to Promote Better Security in Cities

Do we need more police, more expressions of the nation-state, to maintain security in neighbourhoods and cities? Does guaranteeing the safety of our citizens necessarily mean more control? What can we learn from experiences that have succeeded in building peace in regions where the most violent wars take place?   This interview was originally conducted…

Municipality is ours!

EMN School: Municipalism, climate change and ecological transition

The third session of the school of the European Municipal Network took place on the 27th of May 2021 and focused on the subject “Municipalism and climate change: what role for cities within the ecological transition?”. The workshop explored municipalist experiences and suggested innovative approaches to public policy. The climate crisis has increasingly significant repercussions…

Francia Márquez Mina: I am because we are !

Interview with Francia Márquez by Gustavo Lema of  Clacso TV. Published on Youtube on 4 November 2021. Francia Márquez Mina is the current Vice-President of the Republic of Colombia. Our article    

Meet one of our partners

Nantes en Commun

Nantes en Commun is a movement for the re-appropriation of the city of Nantes by and for its inhabitants. A platform made up of hundreds of people resisting the commodification of our cities and our lives, running the Chapeau Rouge, creating a local energy supplier, cultivating the land in common, working on the creation of a health centre, organising festivals and meetings, spreading our ideas through networks, campaigns and events.